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Sharon Deal

OrgSoul Partner and CEO at the Who Am I Foundation Facilitator of licensed trust programmes

South Africa

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Sharon is a courageous leader that not only walks the talk but has the ability to bring this skill set to leaders.   She believes courage is contagious and has a passion to scale courageous leadership within individuals, couples, families and teams.  She does this from a place of Authenticity and knows just how to unlock this skill set in others.  She believes that the key to Courage is being anchored in Whom you are and leading from this place.  It shifts everything about how we show up. She builds cultures of brave work, tough conversations and whole hearts where the expectation and armouring up process is not necessary or rewarded.

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Her personal connection, authenticity, and skillset speak for themselves when connected with her in this transformational space. She has an empathic and whole-person approach to her work and partners with clients to bring out the best version of themselves.  

She is a change agent with a vision to transform a billion lives and make a serious difference in this world. 

After her 25 years as a leader and owner in the corporate environment, together with personal experience of 34 years of marriage,  raising kids and living life she is effective in bringing real life to situations. She is the founder of the Who am I Foundation, she engages individuals, couples, families and organisations through educating, facilitating, coaching and training. (

Fields of specialization:

Transforming lives, life and leadership”

Specializes in Leadership Development

•       Courage to Lead – Developing this skillset within individuals and teams

•       Brave work. Tough Conversations. Whole hearts

•       Developing Emotional Intelligence in leaders

•       Building TRUST realms within individuals, couples, families and teams

•       Neuroscience and Conversational Intelligence

•       Transformational Coach


Effective Communicator, Presenter and Storyteller

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