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Cultivating Psychologically Safe Space

We are creating an ecosystem of trust conversations. They are conversations and not talks because we aim to create an ongoing, interconnected conversation about trust, and in 2023, our unifying theme is psychological safety.  We don’t aim to explore the politics of safe space, we aim to discuss the human side of it.   

We use our proven, proprietary IFB® tools to structure the Trust Conversations. The reason we shifted from hosting talks to conversations is summed up by author D.J. Kyos. He said, “Choose to have a conversation with people, rather than talking to people.”  A conversation is a two-way exchange that can be expanded by keeping the conversation interconnected, open, and active. 

What makes our conversations different is that our speakers are invited to engage audiences from the heart. Not from anger, rationale, or some type of agenda… from the heart. People who have a moving story to tell can audition for the Trust Conversations.  We actually want you to share how you felt. 

Our Trust Conversations don’t only involve the speaker in the conversation, attendees and non-attendees can also join in and contribute. What makes Trust Conversations powerful is that together, they also serve as a qualitative research tool that has the potential to open the hearts of listeners Trust Conversations are designed to inspire, reshape, transform, and expand the conversation. They last for one hour and are designed to involve multiple audiences both online and in person. 

The Trust Conversations are sponsored events and they target three domains: 


  1. Organizations 

  2. Academia 

  3. Families 

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Yvette Bethel

Trust Conversations Events 2024


Academia | Riverside College (In Person) | Riverside, California (USA) | 2024

Organizations | IFB Masterclass |  Nassau, Bahamas | April 2024

Leaders | Venue Zoom Call | Boston USA | May 8th, and 15th, 2024 – English

Leaders | Venue TBD (In Person) | Boston (USA) | 2024

Organizations | Venue TBD (Online) | Milan, Italy | 2024




Once you register here you will receive updates about our events along with the registration links.


Here is How you can get involved: 

∙By spreading the word about the Trust Conversations 
∙By facilitating Trust Conversations in your community, workplace, or university 
∙By remaining in and contributing to the ongoing conversation, creating a powerful ripple effect.  
∙By attending our events 

Select domain of interest (Select all that apply):
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