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Michael Dillard

OrgSoul Partner,  Trust, and Emotional Intelligence Course and Certification  Sales 

Hawaii, USA 

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Michael “Mike” Dillard, MTS, CESCP is the Founder of iOn Reliability Training & Consulting. After retiring from the US Navy in 2011, Michael entered the civilian workforce where he began working with an electrical contracting company in Hawaii. In 2015 while still in their employment, he suffered a mild concussion after experiencing a close-range arc blast in a commercial customer’s secondary switchgear. 

After recovering, he committed himself to becoming a nationally-recognized expert on all things related to electrical safety in the workplace. It was during this time of recovery that the idea for what is now iOn Reliability Training & Consulting ("iOn Reliability" ) was born.  Michael also owns an electrical/government contracting company (iOn Global Contracting), is an accomplished author and an international speaker. 

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