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Consulting Case Study

At Organizational Soul we apply our proprietary IFB® consulting tools to our clients’ challenges.  These tools are based on our recognized thought leadership research in the areas of trust, culture, change and organizational ecosystems. With an international client base, success stories are essential to our growth.


The BVisible case study is one that illustrates the transformational power of trust. It presents the path that Melanie Richards and her team took to not only enhance the business, each participant was able to bring profound changes to their lives.  After experiencing such meaningful impact, Melanie Richards, the owner of BVisible became a passionate “Trust Ambassador”  heralding the power of trust whenever she has an opportunity.


According to Ernst & Young, “Case studies are a window into how we work alongside our clients to deliver strategic, sustainable  growth and success.” The  BVisible case study provides insight into how to address organizational challenges caused by underlying trust deficits.

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