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The IFB ACDEMY is a one-of-a-kind academy for leaders and aspiring leaders where you can learn how to implement our modern approach to leadership by treating your organization as a living system.  Topics like trust, office politics, IFB, the We Experience and more given you a new perspective that can provide you with new ideas for persistent challenges.


At the IFB ACADEMY, we have a full calendar of certifications, courses, and events for you. The year starts with our well known Free Pillar of Trust monthly online seminar series and TSI Certification. New this year are the Games People Play at Work Course that will help you navigate political work cultures, the Trusted Leader Certification, the Advanced Trust Facilitator Certification, our IFB Master Class in The Bahamas, The We Experience, and more.


Explore our IFB ACADEMY Website to learn about proprietary (IFB)  courses that you can only find there. Our courses are designed to help facilitators, coaches, and trusted leaders to address persistent organizational challenges like disengagement, diversity and inclusion, ineffective communication, remote working challenges, and many more by using trust.


Our trust and IFB methodologies are tested and proven. Together, they have supported meaningful and better-sustained cultural transformation in multiple contexts.

To download the latest 2024 Schedule of Events: CLICK HERE!

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