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Distrust is Like a Firewall

Updated: Mar 16

We have come to understand a firewall is a security system that makes a decision about the trustworthiness of incoming and outgoing digital data. They protect computers from malware, spyware, hackers, and other unwelcome "guests".

Similarly, distrust operates like a firewall that functions as personal protection. It's role is to erect a wall that affords a person safe space. It also obscures authenticity so the person behind the wall of distrust can stop malware from breaking through the barrier.

The trouble is that when the wall of distrust is so well constructed, relationships that can enrich our lives and professions are also kept at bay along with the unhealthy ones. We know that safe space will not magically happen with changes in behaviour. The firewall will remain in place in the short-term because, it takes time, emotional intelligence, consistent trust building, and authentic connection to lower a drawbridge.

With knowledge gained from almost 40 years of Fortune 500 and international consulting experience, Yvette shares her rich experience and thought leadership models for transforming businesses from the inside out. She is a thought leader in the areas of trust, leadership and organizational ecosystems, an award winning author and cultural consultant.

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