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Creating positive change through the Art of Consulting

At Organizational Soul Ltd. we provide a variety of connected Consulting Services based on decades of experience. Our proprietary IFB® Model equips us with new insights into your company or team so you can consistently enhance leadership, teamwork, structures, and performance. 

IFB & Cultural Consulting Solutions

We have been recognized globally for our trust and organizational ecosystem thought leadership. We bring our proprietary methodology to our consulting clients internationally.

  1. Development of a bespoke culture code

  2. Development of cultural collateral materials

  3. Activation and organization of teams to address cultural gaps.

  4. Cultural action planning and alignment of the cultural plan with the strategic plan.

  5. Organizational design and structuring: Organizational charts, policies, delegated authorities, etc.

  6. Internal communication plans

  7. Building trusted leadership

  8. Conflict resolution

  9. Resolving complex people issues


Human Resources and People Development

We have spent decades in providing HR and Learning systems and structures for clients who want to uplevel their teams, expanding capacity, and productivity while improving engagement.

  1. Executive recruitment

  2. Performance management system design and implementation

  3. Update on the learning and development programme

  4. Employee engagement programme development and implementation

  5. Development of succession and talent management programmes

  6. HR and learning departmental audits

  7. Corporate University establishment (internal learning services)


OS Surveys and Research

We are committed to quality research so our statistician in one of the best in his field, ensuring that the survey methodology will yield results that are accurate and useful.

  1. Quantitative Research

    1. OS Engagement Surveys

    2. OS Culture Map

    3. Compensation Reviews/Analysis (Bahamas only- For executive and small organization compensation reviews)

    4. Pulse Surveys (Bespoke)

  2. Qualitative Research

    1. Focus group facilitation

    2. Qualitative Interviews



We are certified to offer a variety of validated, A and B-level psychometrics that are designed to uncover behavioral patterns within your organizations so they can be addressed effectively.

  1. The Trust Style Inventory – provides insight into how employees trust so patterns of behavior can be addressed

  2. Multiple emotional intelligence assessments for leaders and employees

  3. Brain Brief Profiles

  4. Towers and Perrin Wave Assessments – Leadership Impact Report

  5. Towers and Perrin Wave Assessments – Leadership Risk Report


Strategic Plan Facilitation

We are backed by decades of experience in the area of strategic planning.  We aim to guide you through the experience of developing a strategic plan that will serve your company over the medium to long term.

  1. Vision, Mission, and Core Value development

  2. Stakeholder Analyses

  3. Competitive Advantage Analyses

  4. SWOT and PESTLE Analyses

  5. Action planning


"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for great."

John D Rockefeller

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