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The Spiral of

The Spiral of Trust is a powerful tool you can use to map your relationships so you can start to see your trust patterns, opportunities to build relationships and opportunities to step away from existing relationships. 

This tool is not only useful whenever you want to gain insights into your trust patterns, it is also useful for coaches, consultants, managers, change facilitators, and trainers seeking to support leadership development as well as team transformation.

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The Trust

A trust barometer is a tool you can use to take a deeper look into situations that impact you. By considering how well-developed your team's  Pillar of Trust Competencies are, (i.e. Integrity, Emotional Mastery, and the We Disposition) you can decide which actions you need to take to release the pressure build-up.


This activity can be used both for self-reflection and as a powerful coaching tool. 


The Pillar of Trust

The Pillar of Trust is a tool that you can use to consider which competencies you need to build so you can deepen or heal important relationships.  There are three competency clusters: At the core of the Pillar, we have integrity, followed by emotional mastery, and the connective part of the Pillar of Trust is the We Disposition. 

Use the Pillar of Trust to identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement.  All competencies within the framework can be developed with consistent effort. 


Consulting Case Study

At Organizational Soul we apply our proprietary IFB® consulting tools to our clients’ challenges.  These tools are based on our recognized thought leadership research in the areas of trust, culture, change and organizational ecosystems. With an international client base, success stories are essential to our growth.


The BVisible case study is one that illustrates the transformational power of trust. It presents the path that Melanie Richards and her team took to not only enhance the business, each participant was able to bring profound changes to their lives.  After experiencing such meaningful impact, Melanie Richards, the owner of BVisible became a passionate “Trust Ambassador”  heralding the power of trust whenever she has an opportunity.

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